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You’ve written what is your pride and joy that came from your heart and soul, and Empire Publishing treats it as such – not just another job.
Empire Publishing makes publishing easy and stress-free. We have simplified book publishing by streamlining the process and making it virtually effortless for the author. Our publishing packages are superior in all regards to that of our competitors. 
Write – Publish – Market – Make Money!
Are you ready to publish your book and looking for the best route? Download the Free Guide “Self-Publishing Simplified – How to Publish a Book”. This booklet from Empire Publishing contains valuable information you need to know about the publishing industry and the process of creating a book.


Every month, Empire Publishing chooses a submitted manuscript that has little chance of being published traditionally. Empire reworks the manuscript, edits and designs the cover to create a marketable book at no cost to the author.

SAM LYBRANDWe are proud to announce the release of 78-year-old Sam Lybrand’s “God Save America”.



6 x 9 – 460 Pages
Retail Price $19.95
Royalty $5.58
Author Discount Price per Book $6.39
eStore Royalty $9.57


6 x 9 – 460 Pages
Retail Price $22.95
Royalty $2.52
Author Discount Price per Book $11.47

The eStore is a direct link to an Internet page to sell your book Print on Demand/Publisher Direct.



Self-Publishing a book can substantially increase your monthly income. However, a poorly produced book is bound to fail.

The highly experienced staff at Empire Publishing will take your manuscript and turn it into a book that meets the highest standards of the publishing industry. A well-produced book is a book that generates sales. Many new authors are struggling to obtain a traditional publishing contract. The million dollar question is, “Why?” Learn More

Self Publishing Simplified

Empire Publishing has the most complete, highest quality publishing packages available. We offer more for less than any other publisher and take great pride in superior craftsmanship.

Everyone has a Voice. We are here to get yours heard.

Artists Are Cashing In On The Adult Coloring Book Craze

These days, it seems you can’t make it past the lobby of a Barnes & Noble without seeing an adult coloring book. The genre currently holds five of the top 10 spots on Amazon’s best-sellers list, and there are gatherings held across the country for women who want to unwind with a glass of wine and a box of Crayola.

You too can now cash in on ideas and artwork with an Adult Coloring book of your own. Empire Publishing makes it simple and easy.

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eBook Publishing
Sell your eBook on Amazon, iBook,
Nook and many more digital platforms.
You keep 100% of net sales.

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Custom Printed Books
Now you can manufacture high-quality
Hardcover Books without breaking the bank.
Order one copy or more at a low price.

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No warehousing of books.
Books are shipped within 48 hours to buyers
Sell your book through Online Retailers.

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When you self-publish with Empire Publishing, you are plugged in to one of the industry’s largest global distribution networks

worldwide book distribution

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